Vision 2020

Join our vision for saving lives through organ, eye and tissue donation at the 11th Annual GR8toDON8.

A Vision 2020! Organ, eye and tissue donors are lifesavers. This special 2020 year we recognize the precious Gift of Sight and a vision of hope for those awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant. Together, we can provide vital organ, eye and tissue donation education to our community.

GR8 to DON8 will honor the Gift of Sight in year 2020 with a spotlight on eye care community partners. A special thank you to our eye care community partners who join us in honoring the Gift of Sight




Florida Retina Institute


Lions Eye


Performance Vision

Together, we’re restoring, healing and providing sight to our community. Together, we’re honoring donors who help make the precious Gift of Sight possible.

Because of the generosity of our eye care specialist sponsors each participant will receive a GR8 to DON8 Vision 2020 backpack.

Vision 2020: Mayra's Gift of Sight


Mayra is a young wife and mother who loves sports, the outdoors and baking with her young sons. At only 25, she certainly didn’t expect a health scare to change her vision and her life. Mayra suffered a mini stroke in her sleep and her condition triggered her Kerataconus disease--causing her vision to diminish rapidly in her left eye. This caused swelling, persistent blurred vision and pain. Mayra underwent cornea transplant surgery; made possible thanks to the generous cornea donation of an anonymous donor at the end of their life.

Through this Gift of Sight, Mayra is now able to return to her active life and is truly grateful to her donor and their family.

Every year thousands of people are affected by a treatable form of blindness, and through the generous decision to donate, these individuals receive the precious Gift of Sight. Choosing to be an organ, eye and tissue donor is choosing to be part of the solution to eliminate corneal blindness. Join our Vision 2020 and run for organ, eye and tissue donation at Gr8toDon8.